Using The Arts & Play

 Accommodating different sensory styles to help you find a way through

  • Individuals often favour particular senses for experiencing and making sense of their world. 
  • I can suggest exercises using the arts (ie poetry/song lyrics, drawing, art postcards, music, modelling clay, movement etc) so that you can make better sensory connections with your experiences and to work through them.

  • There is no need for you to be artistic or creative.
  • Although some people find working in this way a little strange at first, they often then delight in the greater scope for expression and exploration that these methods afford.


Using the imagination and play

  • Engaging the imagination in a playful manner is one of the best methods for getting to a solution "outside the box".  This is because it encourages non-linear thinking and unexpected connections.  
  • Play may be a skill that you have lost touch with.  However, as we recover our capacity for playfulness, we can rediscover our spontaneity, our creative problem-solving skills and our delight in the world

I might help you use your imagination and develop a capacity for play to resolve your problems using

  • the carefully boundaried tray of the sandworld, 
  • imagework,
  • storytelling exercises,
  • roleplay
  • or even with hand puppets!

"I liked the methods she (Katrina) used, particularly working with the sand tray, which was a really creative way to express and work through feelings and unconscious ‘stuff’ that may have not found its way into the light using conventional talking."