Katrina Voysey (Registered MBACP) - Psychotherapist and Couples Counsellor with twenty years experience. Offering some reduced fee sessions.
Practising in Chipstead and in Banstead, bordering with Woodmansterne, Kingswood and Coulsdon, Surrey.  Epsom, Reigate, Redhill and Sutton are close by.


How counselling and psychotherapy can help you

Counselling and psychotherapy can help you cope with difficult experiences and traumas; resolve problems; change unhelpful behaviours & attitudes; and develop resources for a more fulfilling life.  If action is called for, then I could support you to explore options and to decide which would best suit your situation and values.   
As a result of working through your issues you will often find yourself feeling lighter, clearer, calmer and more connected; with a more compassionate acceptance of your self; knowing your strengths and capabilities, motivations and desires. 
"Through working with Katrina, I was able to explore difficult family relationships and arrive at a point where I feel care and compassion for family members who had previously made me feel angry and let down. I have also been more honest and real with my friends and have better friendships as a result."


Many people think that counselling and psychotherapy is only for working through “heavy” emotions or problems.  However it is also a place to experience more fully all that we are capable of; including joy, celebration, playfulness, wonder, awe and serenity.  

And even releasing difficult emotions can be accompanied by pleasant feelings, such as relief, excitement, glee and triumph. 

"I am more confident. I laugh more. I have started to make better choices about where to put my energy. I am able to make time for things I enjoy, which was something I found difficult before.  On a good day, I feel like a different person from the one I was before I first went for the sessions. I know myself better and am much more able to focus on all the great things I have in my life."

Issues I can help you with

These include relationship difficulties (whether you come alone or as a couple); emotional problems; anxiety; stress; depression: bereavement; sexual issues; emotional, physical & sexual abuse; trauma including birth trauma: parenting; addictive behaviours; low self-esteem; body awareness; eating disorders; creative fulfilment; work issues and life planning.  

"Her (Katrina's) consulting room felt like a safe place to say things I couldn’t say elsewhere." 

To arrange a session: Email me at katrinavoysey@gmail.com

or telephone me on 074 55 181 397