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Group Work

I offer process-orientated groups in both work and non-work settings.   As a group facilitator, I aim to provide a safe place for people to share and resolve whatever is blocking communication and greater life or work fulfilment.  Being in a group can be supportive and empowering.   

In a work setting. a group can offer a space for participants to reflect on their work behaviours and to grow new skills and abilities.  Participants can also express and resolve thoughts and feelings that could otherwise hamper their ability to engage fully with their work and colleagues.  Morale and efficiency is likely to increase.

In a non-work setting, a group can help people with particular issues, such as parenting, loneliness or dealing with a relationship break up, or it can support people to live fuller, more satisfying lives, particularly in the way they relate to others. 

Please contact me to discuss your current group work needs and I can let you know what opportunities are available.