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How I work
  • Our work is a collaborative effort; with you drawing on the skills, qualities and experience I offer.  Early on, we aim to establish a good working relationship where you can feel safe, supported and "met".  A key to success is working at a pace that feels comfortable for you.

"From the beginning, Katrina consistently provided a safe and non-judgemental space for me." Alice.

  • Sometimes you might need only to be deeply heard and to be supported and affirmed in your experience.  Other times you might want suggestions and exercises for exploring and resolving what is bothering you, or personal feedback.  We can also consider and review periodically any goals you have for yourself.

"We found Katrina easy to trust, thoughtful and intuitive.  She made the sessions enjoyable with her use of communication tools and we’re very grateful to have had such an experienced and creative therapist help us through our difficulties."  Gill and Peter (mother and adult son, relational client).

  • My way of working is respectful, with me following your energy and stimulating your growth towards healthy relating and wholeness.  Couples Counselling tends to be more educative and directive, whereas one-to-one therapy can sometimes be less about 'doing' and more about 'being' with and exploring the fullness of your present experience, which encourages change.

"My sessions with Katrina took me on a personal journey I hadn’t envisaged and I was able to talk openly for the first time about many of my feelings; joy, loss, love, pain, fear, pride, anxiety, bewilderment, forgiveness.   Talking with Katrina helped me get to know the ‘real me’ and I feel very lucky to have found someone I felt so comfortable with."  Anna

"Extremely good!!  Katrina is never one sided and always helps us to to look at things from different perspectives." Rachael Couples client

  • I offer online, phone and face-to-face sessions sat 2m apart in a garden studio room. If you prefer online, you can relax in your own home, and it is surprising how contactful it can be. 

    "Katrina and I spoke over Skype which was ideal for me as I am disabled, but it felt like we were in the same space" Steph

  • Parents are welcome to bring pre-crawling babies to sessions.  It allows psychotherapy and relational counselling to be more accessible.  I have experience of it working well, see FAQ's for more information.  

  • I also able to offer "Walk and Talk" sessions for individual clients where we walk with awareness in the countryside near my practice room.   Bringing yourself and your concerns into deeper relationship with the natural world can be calming and shed new light on old problems.