How I work
  • I see our work as a collaboration between us both; with you drawing on the skills, qualities and experience I offer.

  • Part of the work in the early sessions is to establish a good working relationship where you can feel safe, supported and "met".  A key to success is working at a pace that feels comfortable for you.
  • Sometimes you might need only to be deeply heard and to be supported and affirmed in your experience.  Other times you might want suggestions and exercises for exploring and revolving what is bothering you, or personal feedback.  All of these can become part of our working relationship.
  • We can also consider any goals you have for yourself.  We may review these goals periodically.
  • My way of working is respectful and client centered.  I don't have a set path we must follow, but endeavour to follow your energy and to stimulate the natural unfolding of your growth towards wholeness.
  • Couples Counselling tends to be more educative and directive, whereas one-to-one therapy can sometimes be less about 'doing' and more about 'being'; more about your present experience than reaching the goal.
  • Parents are welcome to bring pre-crawling babies to sessions.  It allows psychotherapy and counselling to be more accessible to a new mother, or to couples.  I have experience of this working well.  See FAQs for more information.
  • I also offer "Walk and Talk" sessions for individual clients where we walk mindfully in the countryside near my practice room and experience how we interact with the wild in relation to ourselves and your issues.  This can be powerfully revealing.